Wellsville Municipal Airport

2600 Tarantine Rd, Wellsville, New York

(585) 593-3350

Gas & Jet Fuel

Here at the Wellsville Municipal Airport, Shell Aviation provides us with both Avgas and Jet-A (with additive) fuels. We offer a variety of discounts on fuel to our customers based on different circumstances. See the table on this page for fuel pricing. If you have any questions on the fuel we offer, just give us a call!

Phone: (585) 593-3350

We now have self-serve fuelling available!

Maintenance team hard at work!
A plane refuels at our Shell Aviation gas station.


Fuel Type Regular Price Discount (1) Discount (2) Discount (3)
Avgas $6.15/gal $/gal $/gal $/gal
Jet-A (with additive) $6.40/gal $/gal $/gal $/gal